Travel Tips for US Travelers

Travel Health Insurance

Americans traveling abroad are advised to follow certain basic safety measures.

Travelling abroad will be safe and smooth when necessary steps taken before leaving the home country. We can assist US travellers to travel safely when going overseas for their vacation or business travel.

The information provided below is relevant for both frequent as well as for first time travellers to foreign nations.
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Travel Tips for Americans

  • •  Customs and Import: It is advised for American citizens to know the rules and regulations of the customs and import authorities of the country they are travelling. Many countries would have restrictions on the things that are brought to their country including food, pets, medication…

    Check with the local embassy of the country you are visiting to get accurate information on the customs and import regulations. Also read about what you cannot bring back with you while returning to the USA.
  • •  Pets while travelling: If you have decided to take your pets while travelling, ask the concerned officials at the embassy office regarding the specific requirements that must be met. Many countries have strict requirements and prohibitions on health, quarantine, agriculture, wildlife, and customs.
  • •  Receiving Mail: While you are away from the home country, it doesn’t mean you are mails are inaccessible. Many banks and credit card companies will allow the customers to receive their mails at the branch office in other countries. Post offices also allow people to get their mails.
  • •  Health: This could be one of the most important tips given for travellers while going to a foreign country. Health ailments are unpredictable and only way to avoid is to be on the safer side by having awareness about Vaccination, Infectious Diseases, Pandemic Influenza…

    Those who have pre-existing medical condition must carry letter from the attending physician, describing the medical condition and any prescription medications, including the generic names of prescribed drugs.
  • •  Insurance Coverage: American travelers who are traveling to a foreign country must ask their domestic health insurance provider if they cover even while the insured is abroad.

    In case there is no coverage, they can buy travel health insurance coverage which exclusively designed for American citizens going abroad.

Simple steps to ensure safe travel:

  • •  Smart Traveller Enrollment Program: Sign up for the program so that the State Department can assist you in case of an emergency. You can update your travel plans online and it will help the State Department to contact in case of a family emergency in the USA or if there is any crisis in the country where you are travelling.
  • •  Passport: Make sure you are carrying signed passport, visa (if required) and also fill the emergency information page of your passport. Copies of Documents: It is advisable to leave copies of your itinerary, passport data page and visa with your family or friends. It will be useful to contact in case of an emergency.
  • •  Overseas travel insurance coverage: Learn from your domestic insurance provider whether your current insurance offer coverage overseas for medical expenses incurred and also has benefits such as medical evacuation. If your coverage does not offer this, they you should purchase overseas travel insurance coverage.
  • •  Local conditions and laws: While traveling in a foreign country be informed about the local conditions and laws. It is the duty of responsible traveller to adhere to the rules, regulations and laws of the country where they are travelling.
  • •  Planning your trip: Plan your trip well in advance and make sure your hotel room, itinerary, tickets, insurance… are in place. Know the country you are travelling to by doing a little research online.