Single American Travelers

Single or Solo American Travelers

In America, solo or single travelers account for approximately 11 percent of all American vacationers. There is nothing as strictly off-limits destinations for solo travelers. Some of the places are easier to navigate than others. It is recommended for first time solo travelers to choose English-speaking destinations which can be known for their friendliness and good hospitality. There are destinations in the world with people knowing English and can be helpful to get information and avoid chances of getting lost. Do your homework about the country you are visiting before starting the journey from America and carry all essential documents and things required.
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Travel tips for USA single/solo travelers

  • •  Know your destination by researching or talking to friends who have already traveled
  • Make sure you have packed essentials required for your travel.

  • •  Travel with as little baggage as possible.

  • •  If you are taking medication and carrying it abroad, check with the embassy office to know if it is in the narcotics list.

  • •  People with pre existing condition have to carry a letter from the attending physician about the nature of the ailment and medication.

  • •  Travel medical insurance coverage will be useful for single travelers to get financial assistance in case of medical emergency.

  • •  Carry travel insurance ID card.

  • •  Keep addresses of US Embassy offices in the country you are traveling.

  • •  At solo travelers can compare and buy travel medical insurance plans.


Travel insurance for USA solo travelers

There are many prominent insurance companies in the USA offering travel health insurance plans for solo travelers. The easy way to understand the plans is to compare free quotes of travel health insurance plans. US solo travelers can get free quotes of travel health insurance plans at our website and compare the plans on a single page.

Select a plan that can best suit your individual travel insurance requirements and buy online sing a credit card. The coverage of travel health insurance can begin as soon as the next day after the completion of the transaction or as per the start date selected.