Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

American Seniors traveling Abroad

While traveling in a foreign country, there are chances of medical emergencies and senior citizens in particular need proper insurance coverage. Senior American citizens who have medicare program must be aware that the this coverage is very limited while they are in a foreign country. Even though the USA embassy can help in locating appropriate medical services and informing family or friends, the health care costs have to be borne by the traveler while they are abroad. It is therefore strongly recommended the US seniors purchase travel medical insurance plans while going overseas, these plans are specially designed for different age groups.
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Few tips for seniors / older travelers abroad

  • •  Ensure that you have purchased travel insurance before going abroad.
  • •  Ensure that your travel insurance also covers medical evacuation back to the United States.
  • •  Medical evacuation is one of the important benefit because it can easily cost upwards of $10,000 depending on the location.
  • •  Carry travel insurance identity card as a proof and a claim form.
  • •  Those who have pre-existing conditions are advised to carry a letter from the attending physician describing medical condition and prescription medications.
  • •  If you are carrying medicine abroad you should leave it in the original containers and have it clearly labeled.
  • •  There are some countries which have medications in illegal narcotics. Please check with foreign embassy of the country you are traveling.
  • •  Some countries would ask for medical tests before entering. Check the latest entry requirements with foreign embassy of the country you are traveling.
  • •  You can compare free quotes of travel insurance on our website and buy the right plan as per your requirements.

Senior citizens travel insurance comparison

Travel insurance plans for USA Senior citizens are offered by several prominent insurance companies. To know the difference between the coverage and premium cost of travel insurance plans, senior travelers can get free quotes at Senior travelers can quickly complete a simple online application with travel details and get free quotes of travel insurance plans.

The travel insurance quotes comparison helps seniors and older travelers better understand the difference between plans and save money by buying the right plan according to their unique needs.