Schengen Visa Insurance

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After purchasing Schengen Visa travel insurance policy you can obtain the letter as required by the Schengen Consulates. Click on the button to obtain the letter. List of nationalities who need Schengen Visa. Schengen visa insurance plans satisfies Schengen visa requirements.

Schengen Visa Insurance

Travel to Europe and to the twenty Schengen states has been made easy thanks to a single visa called Schengen visa. The independent schengen state consulates have however made travel medical insurance with a medical maximum of at least €30,000 (the equivalent being about $50,000 USD) mandatory. Schengen visa applicants must therefore have travel insurance coverage while applying for the visa. You can compare free quotes and buy the schengen visa insurance online. The medical benefits and coverage details can be easily understood by comparing plans.

Documents required for Schengen Visa

  • •  Visa application form, completely filled and signed (photocopy should be with the applicant)
  • •  2 recently taken passport sized photos.
  • •  Valid passport.
  • •  Sufficient financial support proof.
  • •  Europe schengen visa travel insurance document.
  • •  Proof showing social connections in home country.
  • •  Copy of receipt for application fee paid.
  • •  Professional status proof.
  • •  Invitation letter from friends or family if you are visiting them.

Who will not need Schengen Visa?

  • •   6 years below children
  • •  Students who are in School/college/Post graduate accompanying their teachers for research or studies
  • •  People visiting to carry out scientific research
  • •  Member of Non profit organization who are 25 or less than that age and participating in seminars, conference, cultural programs…

Features of Schengen Visa

  • •  The medical maximum should be at least €30,000 (the equivalent being about $50,000 USD with cover for accidents and sudden illness.
  • •  The coverage of travel insurance should be valid for the entire period of stay.
  • •  The plan must have emergency medical evacuation benefit.
  • •  There should be a representative office in Europe for the insurance company.