Medicare Limitations

Medicare doesn’t cover travellers outside the US

Medicare plans are designed as fee for service health insurance plans that are managed by the US Federal Government. US citizens can complement the original Medicare plans with Medicare advantage plans that are offered by private companies approved by Medicare and Medigap policies. Some of the plans offered under Medicare can cover the seniors for insurance needs worldwide. However, these plans offer very limited if at all any coverage outside the US and citizens while traveling outside the United States are advised to confirm from their insurance provider about their coverage options prior to travelling.
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Medigap Coverage and International Health Insurance

There are few Medigap policies which provide Foreign Travel Emergency coverage for travel outside the USA. The coverage of Medigap policies can pay 80% of the cost of emergency care during the first 60 days of each trip after a $250 deductible. There is also a life time limit of $50,000 applicable to these policies. Medicare does not provide international health insurance coverage for travellers except when they are within;
  • •  The U.S. Virgin Islands
  • •  American Samoa
  • •  The U.S. Northern Mariana Islands
  • •  Inside the U.S. borders
  • •  Guam


Medicare while travelling in Canada and Mexico

  • •  There are few exceptions in coverage for travel to Canada and Mexico. Medicare can pay for inpatient hospital expenses in these countries provided;
  • •  You are living in the USA and need medical care but for you the nearest hospital is in Canada or Mexico.
  • •  When the foreign hospital is closer and easier to access than one in the home country, Medicare may pay for those services.
  • •  While you are crossing though Canada and you need medical care. In this case also, if you are close to Canadian hospital than the US hospital Medicare may pay for those services.
  • •  Please note: Under all the above circumstances, Medical care ‘may’ cover for your medical expenses.

Insurance Coverage:

Step 1: Ask your domestic health insurance provider about the coverage offered while abroad. There are only few medicare plans that can cover partially while the traveller is outside of America and that too it will be restricted to certain regions.

Step 2: Know your travel health insurance requirements and factors that may be affecting the type of coverage you need. For example, people looking for pre-existing and maternity coverage have to look for specific plans that can satisfy their requirements while abroad.

Step 3: Understand the details of travel health insurance coverage such as maximum sum assured, deductibles, co-payment, limits and refund policies. Compare plans at USA Travel Health Insurance to examine each plans carefully.

Step 4: Select a plan in the compare engine and buy online using a credit card. If you have any queries about the details of coverage or the limitations under a given plan you can contact our customer support team to speak to an expert.