Medical Evacuation Insurance

Coverage for US travellers

  • Medicare in the USA may not cover you outside of America.
  • While you are on a vacation or on business the least thing that you expect is medical emergency and the need for evacuation.
  • While you are enjoying a vacation and should an emergency strike which may force you to seek transport either by ambulance of helicopter, you certainly want to be covered by adequate travel medical insurance.
  • You might even need a private air ambulance or block of seats on a commercial flight with enough room for medical equipment.
  • You may also require an attendant to accompany you. Paying for all these expenses from your pocket could hurt you financially in a big way.
Insurance plans which covers medical evacuation
  • Sky Rescue Insurance:
  • Sky rescue insurance offers emergency medical evacuation, which provide coverage for individuals and groups of two or more international travelers.                        

Features of medical evacuation coverage


These are some of the common medical evacuation features provided under travel health insurance for American travellers;
  • •  The coverage or trip must be originated from the US or Canada to be eligible to enjoy the benefits (subject to insurer terms and conditions).
  • •  Both American and Canadian citizens are eligible for medical evacuation coverage.
  • The coverage starts from 100 miles away from home.
  • •  The coverage can include medical, emergency medical evacuation, security evacuation and on special request can also cover adventure sports.
  • •  One trip policy; where the coverage is for per trip period and can be for 120 days (*depends on the insurer)
  • •  Annual policy; designed for those who do multiple trips annually and need coverage (subject insurer terms and conditions)
  • •  There are individual travel insurance plans which can cover for medical evacuation with greater rates for shorter trips.
  • •  Some insurance companies also offer group travel insurance coverage that are custom designed as per the requirements.

What to expect under medical evacuation?

  • •  Transport by air ambulance which is basically a mobile ICU with all necessary medical equipment.

  • •  Family members do not accompany the patient and must plant to meet at the home or hospital.

  • •  If the patient does not require advanced medical equipment then they could be transport via commercial carriers accompanied by a physician/nurse/attendant and any travel companions.

  • •  While you are in a remote area and do not get proper medical assistance for the ailment or injury you could be evacuated.

  • •  The sum assured for medical evacuation can be different from insurer to insurer.

    Compare plans and select as per your requirements.