Health Safety Insurance

Health Safety while travelling abroad

Any overseas travel will involve some health risks if the traveler is not cautious and well prepared for the journey. One of the major factors to consider is the travelers health while in a foreign country. A minor injury or illness can even lead to hospitalization given that you are in an unfamiliar area and hence ruin the entire travel plans.

To stay safe it is advised to learn a bit about the destination you are travelling, the weather, food habits, hygiene, health care facilities… should all be considered and understood while traveling.
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Health Tips

  • •   Vaccination: Make sure that all travelers are vaccinated and are up to date with all inoculations. While travelling abroad this is very important since there are diseases in the world which you may not have come across in the USA. There are vaccination recommendations for both adults and children which could be taken before leaving the USA.
  • •  Travelling with children: While you have kids with you traveling to foreign country, make sure necessary precautions are taken to avoid any medical emergencies. The health risks faced by children while travelling are similar to that of adults. Some of the common health risks are Diarrheal illnesses, Dermatologic conditions, Systemic febrile illnesses, especially malaria, Respiratory disorders…
  • •  Diseases: There are several hundreds of types of diseases in the world. Some of the most common diseases are African sleeping sickness (African trypanosomiasis), Altitude illness, Chickenpox (Varicella), Chikungunya fever, Cholera, Coccidioidomycosis, Dengue fever, Diarrhea, H1N1 flu, Malaria, Yellow fever, Tuberculosis (TB),Typhoid fever... A proper vaccination could avoid these diseases while travelling.
  • •  First Aid Kit: Carry with you in the bag a basic first aid kit which consist items like Disposable gloves, Adhesive bandages of multiple sizes, Adhesive tape, Elastic bandage wrap for sprains and strains, Antiseptic, Cotton swabs, Tweezers, Scissors, Antifungal and antibacterial ointments or creams, 1% hydrocortisone cream, Anti-itch gel or cream for insect bites and stings, Aloe gel for sunburns, Moleskin or mole foam for blisters, Digital thermometer, Saline eye drops...
  • •  Healthy Travel: These are some of the points every responsible traveller remember while travelling to a foreign country.

Insurance Coverage

Sometimes medical emergencies can occur when least anticipated despite of precautions taken for safety of health. While abroad, travellers would take assistance in finding the health care provider, cashless facilities and other facilities if they are insured with a proper insurance coverage.

Travel health insurance plans designed for American citizens who are travelling to a foreign country and staying there for a short period. Compare travel health insurance plans and select a plan that can be relevant for the health insurance requirements you have for travelling abroad.