Green Card Holders Insurance

Green Card Holders in America

Green Card holders or a permanent residents in USA are authorized to live and work in the USA on a permanent basis. US residents who are granted this authorization will get a permanent resident card commonly known as "Green Card" and entitles them to all rights as US citizens other than that of voting or contesting in US elections. Most Green Card holders in America are sponsored by a family member or an employer in the USA. There are other who become permanent residents of USA through refugee or asylum status or through humanitarian programs. In certain cased you are eligible to file for Green Card status yourself.
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International Travel Tips for USA Permanent residents:

  • •  Green Card holders have right to travel internationally outside the USA provided they have a valid and up to date passport from the their country of origin. Or a valid refugee travel document.
  • •  The travel documents of refugee or valid passports must be presented while exiting or re-entering the USA.
  • •  While traveling abroad from the USA make sure you have checked the entry requirements of the country you are traveling. Some countries require visa for entry even as a tourist.
  • •  The permanent residents must present their Green Card along with their passport or refugee travel document at the port of entry when they arrive back to the US.
  • •  If the trip has lasted for less than 1 year only passport and Green Card is sufficient. If it is more than 1 year then the Green Card holder need Re-entry permit.
  • •  Green Card holders who stay abroad or their home country for more than 2 years after the issuance of a Re-entry Permit without obtaining returning resident visa run the risk of losing their Permanent Resident status altogether.
  • •  Green Card holders who choose to abandon the status by moving abroad or returning to their home country must let USCIS know and hand Green Card back in.
  • •  Green Card holder travel abroad for business or pleasure.
  • •  Travel insurance coverage for Green Card holders will be useful abroad in case of paying medical bills during an emergency situation.
  • •  Green Card holders traveling to Schengen countries need Schengen visa except if they are traveling to Switzerland in Schengen Area.

Travel insurance for Green Card holders

Green Card traveling abroad should be aware that they need international travel insurance coverage. There are travel insurance plans designed for Green Card holders and US citizens when traveling outside USA. Travel insurance coverage can be purchased as per their trip duration and insurance requirements. Green Card holders can compare travel insurance quotes offered by prominent insurance companies and make an informed choice at

Visa-free travel for Green Card Holders

List of countries (regions) that grant visa-free travel rights to US Green card holders or permanent residents regardless of their nationality.
  • •  Canada
  • •  Mexico
  • •  Switzerland
  • •  Bahamas
  • •  Bermuda
  • •  Cayman Islands
  • •  Jamaica
  • •  Aruba
  • •  The Netherland Antilles
  • •  Antigua & Barbuda
  • •  Dominica