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  • Americans who are planning to reside overseas for more than a year should purchase Global medical insurance also known as long term major medical insurance plans.
  • These plans offer excellent coverage, since these applications are not guaranteed and are subjected to underwriting approval, they offer guaranteed renewals for as long as they may be needed.
  • The list here has some of the long term major medical benefit plans available for US citizens planning to reside abroad for some time.

Global health insurance benefits

  • The plans are invaluable for US citizens living outside the US for at least 6 months during the year.
  • 6 month stay outside the country does not have to be contiguous.
  • These Long term plans meets the health insurance needs of expatriates outside the USA.
  • There is comprehensive medical benefits coverage under the plans including maternity, mental health, wellness and medical evacuation.
  • Read brochures and understand benefits offered by different insurers.