Insurance for traveling to Europe
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Europe is one of the world’s seven continents by surface area of about 10,180,000 square kilometres. Europe comprises earth’s 2% 0f the surface and about 6.8% of its land area. There are close to 50 states in Europe with Russia being the largest in both area and population. After Asia and Africa, Europe is the third most populous continent with about 11% of the world’s population.
The Schengen area is made of 25 European countries. Some countries are part of the European Union but do not belong to the Schengen Area. There is a special visa for these countries called as Schengen Visa however, it is not required for US citizens (a valid passport will do).

Travel Health Insurance for Europe

Tips for Americans Traveling to Europe
  • Bring your cellphone and get international roaming SIM chip. It will be useful while you are visiting several countries.
  • Learn phrases of daily niceties of the local language because not everyone in the Europe speak English and communicating in local languages with phrases like ‘thank you’, ‘how much’, ‘where is’ will be useful.
  • American citizens in possession of a valid US passport (validity should not expire before scheduled trip) do not require visa for travelling to these countries.
  • While touring in some cities, trains/metro/bus would take longer duration to reach place when compared to travelling by car or taxi.
  • Along with visiting metro cities also see some small towns and country side. Lodging will be cheaper, the pace slower and things are quieter.
  • Make your room reservations at hotel/lodging to avoid last minute bookings and rush or may be chances of no room availability.
Travel Health Insurance
  • The United States Department of State strongly suggests that American citizens talk to their domestic medical insurance provider before traveling to Europe to find out if their current policy provides cover outside the USA and if it will cover emergency expenses for medical evacuation.
  • Medicare coverage is very limited outside the USA and does not provide cover for hospital or medical costs while overseas.
  • If your domestics health insurance is inadequate it is strongly recommended that you purchase good Travel health insurance.
US travelers to Europe
  • According to the US department of commerce data for 2011, Europe received over 10 millions or about 20% of all US citizens traveling abroad.
  • Europe remains the biggest attraction of Americans outside the North American continent. Only Mexico and Canada receive more US citizens than Europe.
Things to do in Europe
The most popular European cities for US citizens are London U.K., Paris France, Rome Italy, Barcelona Spain, Amsterdam The Netherlands.
Some well known attractions in Europe are:
Eiffel Tower in Paris
One of the world’s most recognized man made wonders is Eiffel Tower in Paris which is designed by Gustave Eiffel. This one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.
La Sagrada familia
This is locate in Barcelona and is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Europe. It was built by the famous Antoni Gaudi. The basilica is to date unfinished since Gaudi died in 1926.
Acropolis of Athens
This is one of the greatest monuments of ancient Greece. The ruins that are visible today are date back to 4th century BC. When you visit Greece you can also go island hopping. Some of the most popular Greek Islands are Mykonos, Santorini Crete and Rhodes.
Rome's Coliseum
This is an amphitheatre which was built in 80 AD and is a monument of glorious Roman history, architecture and engineering. While at Italy you can also visit other places like the food and wine region in Tuscany, The Leaning Tower and Milano the fashion capital.
Buckingham Palace
The Buckingham Palace in London is the official London residence of the British Monarch. While touring in London also visit the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Parliament House, London Eye and Tower of London.
The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul
This is one of the world’s architectural masterpiece and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. This was originally a church then it was a mosque. Today this is a showcase of the best Christian and Muslim architecture.
There are many more places to visit in Europe such as Winter Palace in St Petersburg, Branderburger Gate in Berlin, Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Dubrovnik in Croatia… Plan your itinerary and try to visit as many of these places as possible while in Europe.