Insurance for traveling to Canada

Travel Health Insurance for Canada

US Travelers in Canada
  • According to the US department of commerce data for 2011, Canada received over 10 millions or about 20% of all US citizens traveling abroad.
  • Canada remains the biggest attraction of Americans after Mexico.
  • Canada consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada is world's second largest country by total area.
  • The country has common border with the USA and it is the world's longest land border.
  • Canada has been inhabited by various Aboriginal peoples from ages.
  • Canada is one of most popular tourist destinations among Americans.
  • Hundreds of thousand people from the USA visit Canada and spend their vacation at beautiful destinations doing adventure activities.
Travel Health Insurance
  • The US Department of State strongly recommends that US citizens purchase travel medical insurance given that most domestic medical insurance plans do not cover outside the USA.
  • Medicare coverage in particular is very limited outside the US. It usually does not cover even emergency hospital or medical costs while overseas.
  • If your domestic health insurance is not sufficient it is strongly recommended that you purchase good travel medical insurance while visiting Canada.
Tips for Americans Visiting Canada
  • Carry proof of citizenship such as a passport, birth certificate, a certificate of citizenship or naturalization, or U.S. Permanent Resident Card.
  • A valid passport - May be required by your airline or alternative transportation authority before boarding your flight.
  • Those who are permanent residents of the USA and members of NEXUS or FAST pass programs may present their membership card and other documents as proof of identity and can generally cross the border more quickly.
  • Buy travel medical insurance coverage to be on the safer side in case of a medical emergency.
Things to do in Canada
Adventure and Sports
Visitors to Canada can indulge in numerous adventure and sports activities. Some of them are trekking, horse riding, wildlife tours, kayaking, canoeing, skydiving, cycling, and fishing. The vast Canadian Rockies and largely untamed regions of their country offer countless opportunities for the adventurous traveler.
Top Destinations
There are some beautiful destinations to explore in Canada. Canada has modern cities full of Old World charm as well as areas more in touch with the vast wilderness. You can visit Algonquin Park, Banff, Batchawana Bay, British Columbia, Calgary, Churchill, Georgian Bay, Prince Edward Island, and, of course, the ever-romantic Niagara Falls. Each place has its own experience and rewards.
Cultural tour is another popular activity in Canada. You can visit to places and explore cultures and cuisines. Experience a cold, snowy winter or romance your partner at the spectacular falls. Take a group package from expert travel planners and relax!
Canada's 180 salt and fresh water fish species are as diverse as the landscapes of Canada. Those who have passion for fishing can go for fishing experiences from tranquil to adrenalin-stoking, then relish the delicious variety of Canada's fish & seafood menus.
Food and Wine
There are people from the US who head to Canada to enjoy the delicious food and wine. Enjoy the cocktails, mocktails and delicious cuisines in Canada. All this and so much more to explore and enjoy in the beautiful nation of Canada!