Adventure Sports Insurance

Coverage for international travelers

Americans travelling abroad to participate in extreme or hazardous sports activities should have adequate insurance coverage to get medical benefits in case of an unforeseen emergency situation.

Adequate sports travel insurance coverage is strongly recommended for travelers for their peace of mind while enjoying extreme sports events abroad. Adventure sports travel insurance plans are applicable for both athletes and tourists who want coverage to be safe and avail medical care in case of accidents or emergency situation.
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Why Adventure Sports travel insurance?

Are you aware that many insurance policies will not cover accidents incurred while downhill skiing or motorcycle riding? Are you planning an exciting trip which includes mountaineering, SCUBA, or other hazardous sport? Donít be caught without the right coverage! Our supplemental plan can help you with these insurance needs.

Some of the popular adventure sports covered under this insurance are;

Abseiling, BMX, bobsleigh, bungee jumping, canyoning, caving, hang gliding, heli-skiing, high diving, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, inline skating, jet skiing, jungle zip lining, kayaking, mountain biking, paragliding, parascending, piloting a non-commercial aircraft, rappelling, rock climbing or mountaineering (ropes and guides to 4500m from ground level), scuba diving (to 50m), skydiving, snow boarding, snowmobiling, snow skiing, spelunking, surfing, trekking, whitewater rafting (to Class V), and wildlife safaris.

The policy holder should be aware that to be covered under the Adventure Sports Rider, these adventure activities must be engaged in solely for leisure, recreation, or entertainment purposes. There could be other sports covered and some of them could be excluded. It is advisable that, travellers must take compare adventure sports travel insurance quotes and then select a plan that can best suit their individual requirements. After choosing the plan, buy extreme sports travel insurance using a credit card.

Benefits offered under extreme sports coverage

There are not many insurance companies that offer travel insurance plans with pre existing coverage.

Travellers can compare the types of plans offered with pre existing coverage and make an informed decision. The doctor's report will reveal the details of pre existing condition. Buy a plan with appropriate coverage according to your needs and travel safely.