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  • •  While you are traveling, do you know where the best hospital is? Where you can find a doctor that meets your needs? Of course not. Thatís why many companies offer a service to connect you with quality hospitals and doctors.

  • •  Did you know that in some countries food is not included in your hospital stay? Those types of arrangements can be tricky if you are not a local. Thatís why many plans offer daily indemnity for hospital stays to reimburse you for these unexpected costs.

  • •  While no one want to think about potential problems, the fact remains that accidents can happen at any time. Donít wait until they happen to worry about them. Ask your domestic insurer if you will be covered and purchase an international plan or supplemental insurance as you need it.

  • •  Did you know Medicare will NOT pay for medical costs incurred outside the United States? Donít wait to find this out on your trip! Get informed and make sure you and your loved ones have the coverage they need and deserve while they explore the globe!.

  • •  International plans are designed to take into account your needs while traveling abroad. They can pay for dependents to go home without you (with an appropriate chaperone), or someone to come to your bedside should you end up in a hospital.

  • •  Medical costs can be fully covered for sudden illnesses and accidents while you are outside the US. American insurance companies have been providing these services for many years and have a great deal of experience helping those overseas.